Major Appointment 
2009-Present The University of Hong Kong Associate Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
2007-2009 The University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
2003-2007 The University of Hong Kong Research Assistant Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
2002–2003 CK Life Sciences Int'l., 
(Holdings) Inc. 
Project Manager, Division of Technology 
2000–2002 Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Fellow, Wellman Laboratory for 
Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, 
Boston, MA. 
1999–2000 The Hong Kong Government Industry Liaison Officer / Biotechnology 
Innovation & Technology Commission 
1998–1999 The Chinese University of Hong 
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Orthopaedic 
& Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine 
1994–1998 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ph.D. in Orthopaedics & Traumatology 
1996–1997 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Biostatistics & 
1990–1994 The Chinese University of Hong Kong B.Sc. (Hons) in Biochemistry 
Awards and Honors 
2014 University Research Committee, HKU Research Output Prize (Faculty of 
2013 Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE) The HKIE Best Transactions Paper Prize 
2010 University Research Committee, HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award 
(Faculty of Engineering) 
2009 University Research Committee, HKU Research Output Prize (Faculty of 
2008 World Forum for Spine Research, Kyoto, Japan, 
23-26 Jan 2008 
Best Paper Award 
2002 MIT, Cambridge, MA MIT 50K Business Plan Competition Finalist 
2001 Wellman Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital, 
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 
Department of Energy (USA) Fellowship 
Award for Laser Medicine 
Major research interests and projects 
Enabling technologies; Nanobiomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Stem cells; Cell-matrix 
interactions; Machanoregulation 
Research Funding Awarded (in past 10 years) 
Total amount of external research funding in PI capacity = HK$26,142,930 
Total amount of internal research funding in PI capacity = HK$1,221,290 
 Research Student Supervision 
Supervised 24 RPG student (16 graduated, 8 ongoing) 
Total number of RPG research awards and prizes received: 5 
Community Service 
2006-Present Innovation and Technology Commission / Hong Kong 
Federation of Youth Groups / Education Bureau / Hong 
Kong Science Museum 
Judge for Hong Kong 
Student Science Project 
Best five representative publications (Selected from 57 published articles) 
1. Chan BP, Hui TY, Yeung CW, Li J, Mo I, Chan GCF. Self-assembled collagen–human 
mesenchymal stem cell microspheres for regenerative medicine. Biomaterials (2007) 28: 4652–
2. BP Chan, JN Ma, JY Xu, CW Li, JP Cheng, SH Cheng. Femto-second laser-based free writing of 
3D protein microstructures and micropatterns with sub-micron features - A study on voxels, 
porosity and cytocompatibility. Adv. Funct. Mater., (2014), 24(3): 277-294. 
3. Ho FC, Zhang W, Li YY, Chan BP. Mechanoresponsive, omni-directional and local 
matrix-degrading actin protrusions in human mesenchymal stem cells microencapsulated in a 3D 
collagen matrix. Biomaterials (2015) 53: 392-405. 
4. Cheng HW, Luk K,
 Cheung KMC,
 Chan BP. In vitro generation of osteochondral interface from 
mesenchymal stem cell-collagen microspheres. Biomaterials (2011) 32: 1526-1535. 
5. Chik TK, Chooi WH, Li YY, Ho FC, Cheng HW, Choy TH, Sze KY, Luk KKD, Cheung KMC, 
Chan BP. Bioengineering a multi-component spinal motion segment (SMS) construct – A 3D 
model for complex tissue engineering. Adv. Heathcare Mater. (2014) (In press) 
Invited keynotes / Lectures 
2004-2015 Given 44 invited Keynotes / Lectures in international conferences 
Conference papers (Published) 
1996-2015 174 conference papers (oral / poster) 
Patents (Selected from 15 issued or pending patents) 
1. Chan BP, Wong HL, Wong MY, Chan GCF, Yang ZF. Methods to Enhance Mesenchymal Stem 
Cell Migration. US Regular Patent Application (Published on 14 Jun 2012) (Application No. 
13/159,835) (CIP of 11/750,863 on 18/05/2007) 
2. Chan BP, Chik TK, Choy ATH, Ma XY, Cheung KMC. Materials and Methods for Filling 
Biological Cavities and Preventing Leakage of Injected Therapeutic Agents. US Regular Patent 
Application (filed on 13 Jun 2013) (Application No. 13/916,982) 
3. Chan BP, Cheng HW, Chik TKD, Cheung KMC, Luk KDK. Methods for Complex Tissue 
Engineering. US Regular Patent Application (filed on 14 June 2011) (Application No. 
4. Chan BP, GCF Chan, Wong HL, Cheung PT, Cheah K, Chan D. Cell-Matrix Microsphere, 
Associated Products, Methods for Preparation and Applications. PCT Patent Application 
(Chinese Patent Application No. 200780018296.8) (Issued on 2 Sep 2013) 
5. Chan BP, Chan CM, So KF. Collagen-Based Microspheres and Methods for Preparation and 
Use. US Regular Patent 20080317866 (filed on 2 Jul 2008) (Published on 25 Dec 2008) US 
Patent No. 7,931,918 (issued on 26 April 2011) 
6. Chan BP, So KF. Photochemically crosslinked collagen scaffolds and methods for their 
preparation. U.S. Patent 7,393,437 ( 2008)
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